Quick RC Update Poelgeest

Casper Schipper

29 Oktober 2019

Keyword page renewed

kc research results
(you can find it through the portal page ).

  • Searchable list view
  • Sortable on date
  • Filter on category (teacher, student, lectorate)

Limited publications

  • Some very interesting research!
  • Right now can be found here:
    kc local publications
  • Will also get it’s own keyword overview

KC template exposition

  • Just a reminder that this exists ;-)
  • Importance of hyperlinks


Another way of organising:

  • Bobby Mitchell, ‘Playing Schumann Again for the First Time‘, Research Catalogue (2019) link

Graphical editor word import

  • Word docs can be imported (semi-auto) ! demo

New text based editor


  • Spell checker
  • No longer slows down with big documents
  • Fullscreen
  • Edit media directly by clicking tag


The future


  • RC only has limited information (only absolute position of objects / type of tools / keywords)
  • Media library and works are treated separately

roadmap (1/2)

  • Semantic expositions wiki

  • Searchability of content
  • Finding the structure

roadmap (2/2)

  • timeline based exposition
  • Spatial layout can be generated from structure
  • Shared topics within different expositions easier linked (by shared ontologies)
  • Bibliography management