Here you can find some of my stuff I made for the ChucK programming language. See for more info !

Chuck tools

My chuck-tools lib can be found here:

My scheme dialect translator for chuck:

A quicker way of using Open Sound Control (OSC) in ChucK

Because it is so useful to follow different OSC messages with separate shreds, I made a class which automates the process of doing so.

It stores the retrieved values in a public associative array, so you can read them any time you need them.

download it here.

My Chugin github:

I’ve been using the ChucK language for a few years now and thought it would be nice to share my custom unit generators (chugins) with other ChucK users. They include stuff like a delay line with cubic interpolation, a simple buffer object, a line segment generator, a signal scaler.
Sorry for the lack of documentation, please let me know if you run into trouble using them.